S.L or self-employed? How do I start my own business in Spain? Legal and fiscal aspects to do the right move

Who is it addressed to?
It is a pleasure for CINC Centro de Negocios y Asesoría Barcelona to invite you to this session intended for all those entrepreneurs who are currently lying at an initial stage to open their business in Spain.
The presentation will be held by Virginia Cirera, lawyer and specialist in Fiscal Law, Consultant at CINC. She will explain some basic legal and fiscal aspects of the business creation and will also illustrate different possible financing sources.
What will be discussed?
The purpose of this session is mainly to transmit the participants the knowledge regarding two types of Spanish business entities: 
Should I go self-employed or should I launch a society? Can I obtain any fiscal benefits? How do I pay social security contributions? Are there any benefits available? Starting a new business is not easy and knowing the right choice between these types of legal entities plays a crucial role. 
Thanks to our experience with start up companies as consultants, we at CINC have the accomplished a solid level of expertise which allows us to determine which are some of they key drivers to success and failure which we would like to share with you as valuable information to boost your businesses.
During this lecture we will be addressing what they key legal and fiscal benefits are, social security issues, accountability and also risks of one or another legal entity in a simple and understandable manner, to consider when starting up a new business. In addition, we will looking at the different financing alternatives available.
In the second part of the presentation Virginia will expose CINC’s new project – 1day1enterprise, under which start-up founders can open their business for free and can get free legal and fiscal support for 6 months.
We will also have time for a couple of startup presentations. If you wish to present your business idea please contact me as soon as possible.
The event will be held in English.
18:00 pm How do I establish my own business in Spain? 
-Differences between self-employed and the S.L.
-Legal and accounting key aspects of the business entities to avoid failure
-How to get financing.
-CINC Business consultancy: what can we offer you?
-Project 1day1enterprise (1D1E)
19.00 pm – Q&A round
19.15 – Startup presentations
Date: Wednesday, 23rd March 2017
Time: From 18.00 to 19.30 pm
Place: CINC Business Center Barcelona. CINC Building, C/Llull, 321. 08019 Barcelona.

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