Presenting in English: engage, inform, inspire

A good presentation is a great career move
As Steve Jobs once put it, people who know what they are talking about don’t need PowerPoint.
However, many if not most courses on presentations focus on slides instead of speaking, style instead of substance.
In the corporate world, the expenses for an event or conference can be enormous, but how much bang for the buck is there if little is spent to train the speakers to be engaging and effective.
On this conference you learn how to channel Aristotle’s ideas on great speaking. 
You’ll be amazed at how speakers from Ted Talks use the same techniques. 
And you’ll finish the session with knowledge, ability, and the confidence that you can be a great speaker.
Our goal is to teach a purpose: engage, inform, inspire. 
Speakers with a purpose almost always do far better than speakers with a plan.
At all levels of expertise, the conference is designed around learning activities and practice. 
We love good speeches and get excited about helping people to learn to give engaging, informative and inspiring presentations. 
Speakers/ Ponents:
Alan Crothers
Experience: Freelance at Speaking Skills since 1998
20 years teaching and training people to speak in English. Regular training courses to give natives and non natives a chance to level the playing field when giving presentations and speeches. High level.
With a mix of voice, language, structure, and gesture training, the resulting skills have opened new doors for hundreds students and professionals in Barcelona and Spain. "There is always a 'wow!' factor when someone exceeds their expectations and that's what gives me my greatest reward", he says, "and I know their next presentation is going to get them noticed."
Peter Gardiner
Director and founding member  of Teacher Collective, specialist in corporate language training. Peter has 20 years' experience in training professionals to speak English. 
As a language training consultant he's worked with many top-level international companies in Spain, such as La Caixa, T-Systems, Agbar y Vueling.
'I had the pleasure to attend one of Alan's workshops. It was a very productive session, very dynamic and useful for my daily work. Highly recommended!'
Paula García Cruz
MSAT Downstream Process Scientist


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