You need a virtual office and you don’t know it yet

Although we have become accustomed to new work habits and routines, carrying out a business activity from your home is not without its drawbacks. Have you ever asked yourself if the image you convey of your business, from home, is the one you want to project to your customers? Do you show your personal address and telephone number on your website, or do you not provide any? Do you have a professional space to attend to your visitors? If you haven't yet asked yourself these questions, perhaps you don't know that you need a virtual office.

What solutions can company domiciliation and the virtual office provide you with?

Transmitting confidence and professionalism is essential for the success of any business project. Thanks to virtual office and company domiciliation services, you can work comfortably from anywhere, giving your business the best image and maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.
Unlike renting a flexible workspace, the virtual office gives you the use of an address in a prestigious location with a high corporate image, which you can use as your registered office and tax address, as well as benefiting from the professional services of a physical office, such as receiving calls and parcels and the use of meeting rooms.
If you have not yet considered opting for this service, here is a list of reasons why you should domicile your company:
  • Prestigious image and location. Location says a lot about a company and, therefore, by domiciling it in a virtual headquarters you will project the image you want.
  • Plans that adapt to you. Depending on your budget and needs, you can access different types of service, from the simplest (basic domiciliation) to the most complete (virtual office).
  • Business and tax address. You will be able to establish your company's tax and business address at a professional address.
  • Reception of parcels and correspondence. Don't worry about always having to be in the same place to receive your packages and centralise all your correspondence in a private mailbox.
  • Personalised call reception service. You will no longer have to keep an eye on your mobile phone: your calls will always be answered in the name of your company through a professional reception and telephone answering service.
  • Access to meeting rooms. Having a professional space free of interruptions to hold face-to-face or virtual meetings will help you to give greater credibility and confidence.

Want to start projecting a professional image? We help you to give your business the boost it needs.

At CINC we make it easy for you to contract the registered office and tax address of your company through personalised plans. With corporate buildings in 22@ in Barcelona and in the centre of Girona and Figueres, we offer you the image of our facilities and all the business advice you need so that you can start up your business with the maximum flexibility and speed.
If you want to know in detail what each service includes, consult our personalised plans:
See plans
For further information, please do not doubt to contact us:
933030060 (Barcelona)
972940940 (Girona)
972500100 (Figueres)


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