Workspace trends for 2022

Undoubtedly, 2021 has been a year marked by vaccination and a return to normality for companies. We announced some time ago that there would be a staggered return to the office, and so it has been. Teleworking as a unique model is now a thing of the past for most companies and, although some technology companies continue to apply it, they are offering their workforces the possibility of working from business centres and coworking. Does this mean that the new hybrid work model is already a reality? What trends are we seeing in 2022?

Fixed corporate headquarters give way to flexible spaces

Now, more than ever, companies must adapt to a scenario where new ways of working and the uncertainty of the health situation converge. Moreover, the concept of corporate headquarters, thought of as a fixed space, is becoming obsolete, as the trend is for them to become spaces that seek innovation and adapt to the company's rate of growth.

Working in a flexible space has been proven to improve engagement and the feeling of belonging to the company. Although teleworking has worked very well, especially in the IT sector, there is still a need for disconnection from work and personal life, for spaces free of interruptions where we can hold any kind of meeting and interact with other colleagues.

The hybrid work model: the new normal

According to a study by Microsoft, 94% of people would prioritise those organisations that offer hybrid working as an option. And, as we pointed out at the beginning, most companies are opting for this long-term formula, and it is a model that has spread throughout the world.
Nicholas Bloom, an economist and professor at Stanford University, has been studying remote and hybrid work for two decades. He predicts that by 2022 the typical company will have everyone in the office three days a week, Tuesday to Thursday, and working from home on Mondays and Fridays. In addition, he predicts that 50% of jobs will be face-to-face, followed by 40% hybrid and 10% telecommuting. 

Versatile, well-connected offices with natural light

Current trends point towards flexible spaces that adapt to the demands of companies in real time. For this reason, in 2022 many companies are looking for spaces where their employees can be more productive, hold meetings and take calls without interruption.
What are they looking for in these spaces? Above all, essential elements that affect quality of life, such as natural light, a source of well-being and comfort, and especially location: offices that are well connected and communicated to facilitate mobility. They are also looking for versatile facilities that allow for maximum customisation and private spaces, as well as the possibility of changing space in the same building.
At CINC we have been preparing corporate spaces for more than 15 years, and we are specialists in the preparation of customised offices. Thanks to our experience of more than a decade, we offer flexible spaces that adapt to the needs of each company at all times, in strategic locations (22@ in Barcelona and the centre of Girona). We also provide you with all kinds of services (consultancy, insurance, secretarial services) to help you boost your business in 2022.


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