Why companies choose 22@, the most important technology hub in Europe

Office locations play an important role in the brand image projected by companies. If there is a consolidated workspace area in Barcelona with great economic projection and dynamism, it is 22@, the first innovation hub in southern Europe and the first Innovation District on the continent.
With a track record of more than 23 years in innovation, attracting and attracting talent, it has 200 hectares destined to host companies, universities, technology centers and startups. Companies that require more dynamic, flexible and creative environments have CINC as their space of reference in 22@.

The preferred business area for tech companies

In recent months, 22@ has experienced a certain dynamism, and continues to be a pole of attraction for technology companies. In terms of square meters, it is the ideal place to set up corporate headquarters in the city's most important business area. The technology giants that are already established in the district, such as Amazon, Meta, Cisco and T-Systems, among others, are betting on a return to on-site work with hybrid models that combine specific days of office work with one or two days of teleworking.
In the coming months, with the return of many U.S. companies to on-site operations, it is expected that new companies will be coming on board. Recently, some companies from different sectors have joined the district, among others: Travel Perk, an online travel company founded by three former employees of the giant Booking.com; the pharmaceutical company Isdin, which has decided to expand its offices once again; the German company Porsche, leader in the high-end automobile sector, which is incorporating its digital division; and Rakuten TV, a Japanese company of Spanish origin and leader in streaming audiovisual content. 

An economic engine that drives innovation

22@ is more than an urban planning project: it has become a very important economic engine for Barcelona, so much so that its model is already being implemented in other cities, such as Madrid, Malaga and Valencia, and also abroad, in capitals such as Dublin, Stockholm and Buenos Aires. 
According to the Moody's Analytics study, Barcelona will create 17,200 office jobs between 2023 and 2025. In this sense, the innovation district currently has nearly 150,000 workers, more than 12,000 companies and a great international projection, representing 14.5% of Barcelona's GDP and 12% of the city's employment. In addition, it brings together 65% of the innovative companies in Barcelona, including 9 universities and 2 technology centers (Eurecat and Leitat).

CINC, in the heart of 22@ and at the center of business

CINC Barcelona opened its doors in 2007 in an incipient innovation district, and throughout all these years it has experienced its growth and development helping national and multinational companies to land in what we know today as the most important technology hub in the city and in Europe. Large companies such as Linkedin, Lufthansa, Ocado Technology, American Express and Autodesk, among others, have chosen CINC to settle in Barcelona, among others, for its perfect location in the heart of the technology district.
With more than 6,400 square meters of offices with plenty of natural light and a spectacular terrace overlooking the entire city and the coastline, CINC offers companies all the services they need to successfully establish themselves in Barcelona's largest business hub.


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