Whistleblower channel: last days to implement it in your company

At the beginning of this year, Law 2/2023 was passed with the aim of providing security to employees who wish to report regulatory violations or situations where corruption is prevalent. In the labor and professional sphere, companies have been implementing a whistleblower channel to manage these procedures. Do you want to know if your organization should implement it?
As we mentioned on our website, this communication system had to be introduced within companies during a specific period. Depending on their denomination and sector, the deadline was as follows:
Administrations, agencies, companies and other entities obliged to implement a whistleblowing channel had to do so during the three months following the entry into force of the law.
For legal organizations in the private sector with two hundred and forty-nine employees or less, as well as municipalities with less than ten thousand inhabitants, the deadline is December 1, 2023.
If you have not yet had time to manage it, from the Data Protection Department of CINC Asesoría we help you to carry out the relevant procedures. Consult our services and receive the necessary information to execute your complaint channel:

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