Which self-employed must send their data to the Social Security before October 31

The corporate self-employed, family collaborators, those who must join a professional association and those who are economically dependent (TRADE), among others, must provide certain data on their activity to the Social Security before October 31. In this sense, the General Treasury of the Social Security is contacting all the affected self-employed workers to remind them of this obligation, which implies the extension of information on their activity. 
This campaign responds to the modification of Art. 30.2b) of Royal Decree 84/1996, of January 26, which establishes that this data must be sent to the Social Security in order to calculate the regulatory base of the new contribution system based on the real income of the self-employed. It is important to carry out the modification of this information because, otherwise, you could face penalties, even if the Treasury already has this information.

Which self-employed workers will have to provide certain data again before October 31?

This transitional provision affects the following self-employed:
  • Corporate self-employed, both mercantile and cooperative.
  • Economically dependent self-employed workers (TRADE).
  • Self-employed collaborators.
  • Self-employed professionals who are compulsory members of a professional association.
  • Main self-employed with dependent collaborators.

What data must be communicated to the Social Security?

  • Self-employed corporate entities: Corporate name and tax ID number of all the companies of which you are a member. In addition, if you are a director, administrator or provide other services for the company, you must report the percentage of your own participation and that of your cohabiting family members. 
  • Economically dependent self-employed workers (TRADE): if they work mainly for a single client, they must inform the Social Security of their CIF.
  • Self-employed workers obliged to be members of a professional association: they must indicate the professional association to which they belong.
  • Self-employed workers with other self-employed collaborators under their charge: they must communicate the name, surname and VAT number of these collaborating self-employed workers.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at CINC Asesoría:
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)


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