We miss you, but we’re still with you

We have been in a situation for weeks, that we never would have imagined we would be in, let alone so suddenly. The current circumstances are not being easy for anyone, and many of us continue these weeks our working day confined to home, in improvised work spaces and adapted to new routines and new channels of communication with colleagues.
Some of our clients have written to us these days explaining how they are dealing with confinement, and most of them agree that, despite having managed to organize themselves in some way, work is no longer the same as it used to be: colleagues are missing (with whom we share coffee and good times), communication with the work team is no longer so accessible and fluid, and the space where we work these days is not completely conditioned or free of interruptions.
During this time, our centres have remained open to continue offering the reception and messenger service to our clients, and to manage our spaces with the same professionalism as always: in short, making these difficult days easier and keeping everything running smoothly. Therefore, we would like to thank you for staying by our side and for your messages of encouragement, especially on the most intense days.
It is true that there is still a way to go, but we are and will continue to be by your side. Despite the distance that separates us, we all live the same situation and we feel more united than ever. That is why we want to send you a message of encouragement: everything will happen sooner than we think and we will return to the normality of before. In the meantime, we are still at your disposal to help you, as always, with anything you may need, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
We share with you some of the messages that our clients have sent us, who are also missing us these days:
"Being locked in a flat is not easy. The days go by slowly and we don't even know what day we're in anymore. We have organized ourselves with a routine so that we don't go crazy. I miss talking to you when I arrive and greeting everyone who is working as we meet. And oh, how I miss being able to go up to the terrace for coffee and to get some fresh air."
Mariona Verdaguer, ETHIGEN
"Those little moments at the reception are what you take with you from day to day! Always your smile, your impeccable service towards us… Now it's time to face day to day from home. We'll make it and celebrate!"
Mercè Oliver, ISDIN
"You miss the day-to-day contact with the people we met every day, seeing and having coffee at Can Manolo."
Silvia Alonso, ZURICH
"We miss you so much! This home thing is a drag: we make video calls to get our work done, but it's not the same!"
Eva Durante, FIC
"All good inside the confinement, I'm doing telework, it’s not the same as being in the office, but I'm doing it."
Gabriel Funes, SANTALUCIA
"In difficult times we must all be in solidarity. We continue to work from home with the virtual tools ready. With the good company of a coffee and with the security of having the support of all the magnificent and efficient team of CINC that supports you. I encourage all the colleagues at CINC and the companies that share this family."

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