We are Entrepreneur Service Point (PAE)

At CINC we support entrepreneurs in the creation of new companies, and for this reason, since 2013 we have been accredited as a Point of Attention for Entrepreneurs (PAE). As PAE, we offer information services, documentation processing, advice, training and support for business financing.
We help in the process of setting up the following legal forms:
  • Registration as a self-employed worker 
  • Creation of a Limited Company New Enterprise (SLNE) 
  • Creation of a Limited Company (SL) 
  • Creation of a Successive Formation Limited Company (SLFS)
  • Creation of a Community of Goods 
  • Creation of a Civil Company
We also offer advice and management of other procedures:
  • Information on the characteristics of the Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa (SLNE), the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SRL) and the Individual Entrepreneur: legal framework, most important mercantile aspects, tax advantages, accounting aspects, processing systems, applicable regulations; in addition, it offers information on other legal forms in force in the mercantile legal ordinance. 
  • Procedures for the incorporation of companies through the telematic processing system developed by the Directorate General for Industry and SMEs, using the Single Electronic Document (DUE).
  • Information on public aid for the creation of companies applicable to the project. 
  • Information on the applicable Social Security regime, criteria for affiliation, affiliation, contributions, among others. 
  • General information on issues of interest to companies, such as: financing, taxation, employment contracts, internationalisation, research, technological development and innovation, business cooperation, among others.
  • Request for an ID-CIRCE code and the reservation of the company name for the in-person processing of the SLNE.

What do the PAE points consist of?

The PAE points rely on the Information Centre and Business Creation Network (CIRCE) to create companies, and specifically on one of its components: the Telematic Processing System (STT). 
The PAE points aim to:
  • Provide information and advisory services to entrepreneurs in the definition of their business initiatives and during the first years of the company's activity. 
  • To initiate the administrative process of setting up the company through the Single Electronic Document (DUE). 
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)

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