Travelling by motorbike? Protect yourself with the first life-saving motorbike insurance policy

The use of motorbikes has grown over the last few years. But did you know that this form of transport is 17 times more dangerous than the car and that this figure rises to 32 when travelling in the city? This is according to the study "Safer City Global Benchmarking for Urban Road Safety" for the OECD.
Even if we did not know these figures, it is clear that the exposure of the motorcyclist, regardless of whether or not he or she is the cause of the accident, always contributes to the fact that he or she is the one who suffers the most. That's why, when a motorbike accident occurs, getting immediate medical assistance is key to avoid putting your life at risk.
If you want to reduce the risks to the maximum when you drive a motorbike, CINC Brokerage Insurance offers you a pioneering motorbike insurance policy through one of the best insurance companies in the market. The policy includes an innovative geolocation system so that, in the event of an accident, the medical services can send an ambulance to the place where it has happened. 

What does lifeguard motorbike insurance consist of?

The lifeguard motorbike insurance* incorporates a geolocation device linked to a mobile device. In this way, when the motorbike falls in an accident, the device separates from the driver, and at that moment it geolocates his location and sends it to the emergency service, which contacts him to ask him what kind of assistance he needs.
If no response is received, it immediately sends an ambulance to the geolocated location where the accident took place so that the driver can be rescued in time. This mechanism does not require any type of installation, and the rider only needs to attach it to the motorbike and his or her clothing and can activate and deactivate it whenever he or she wants. 
*This service only offers coverage in Spain. 

What coverages does it include?

  • It is the only one on the market that incorporates an intelligent remote calling device system. 
  • It offers additional cover for your companion (their safety is as important as yours).
  • You have unlimited medical assistance in 1,500 approved centres in Spain.
  • Thanks to the free choice of workshops, you can take your motorbike to the repair shop of your choice.
  • Includes compensation for damage to helmet and clothing.
  • You have access to a motorcycle towing service.
  • In the event of a breakdown, it provides you with a replacement motorbike.

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