This summer, our Labor Department is with you 7 days per week

With the aim of improving our service, CINC Asesoría is once again extending the working hours of the labour department to the whole week this summer, with the aim of also providing a response on weekends and public holidays to companies in the tourism sector.
From June 23rd to September 15th, all weekends and holidays you will be able to carry out all the registrations and cancellations of workers that you need, as well as receiving attention to solve any incident that may arise.

How does it work?

All communications sent to the email will be attended to with the commitment that before 12h of midday and before 7 p. m. the corresponding registration/discharge of the worker will have been made and the necessary documentation will be sent.
For more information, you can contact the staff of our department:
CINC Consultancy – Labour Departament
Figueres 972 505 100
Girona 972 940 940 
Barcelona 933 030 060 


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