The solution for insuring your newly purchased consumer goods

Did you know that there is an insurance policy to insure all types of consumer goods that you have recently acquired, both in the business and private sphere? This is the Consumer Equipment insurance, which allows you to protect electronic devices and other goods such as, for example, personal mobility vehicles, musical instruments, household appliances and much more.

What is Consumer Equipment insurance?

This insurance offers you coverage for material and direct damage that may be suffered by the insured goods/equipment that have been purchased new*. In this way, its coverage covers any accidental damage to the insured equipment and can be extended by taking out other coverage (theft, liquid damage, screen breakage, legal defence, etc.).
* Products that are less than 4 months old.


What assets can be insured?

The Consumer Equipment insurance is designed to provide coverage for more than 150 different types of equipment/devices, classified as follows:
  • Electronic devices: computer equipment, consoles, image and sound equipment, small household appliances, beauty and health equipment, wearables.
  • Scooters, bicycles, segways, hoverboards…
  • Musical instruments.
  • Others (skis, surfboards, fishing rods, drones, etc.).
You can access the complete list of consumer goods equipment here.

What coverage does it offer?

If you have acquired a property within a period of less than 4 months, you will have the following guarantees:
  • Accidental damage. Material and direct damage produced in a sudden, accidental and unforeseen manner that causes damage, the origin of which is external.
  • Theft and robbery. Theft with force on objects or intimidation of persons.
  • Damage caused by liquids. Material and direct damage caused by the penetration of water or other liquids that render the property unusable.
  • Screen breakage. Material and direct damage to screens, lenses, glass, plastic or methacrylate glass that causes them to break as a result of an accidental cause.
For personal mobility vehicles:
  • Legal defence. Expenses for the legal defence of the insured person's interests in the private sphere, derived from the use/ownership of the insured property.
  • Medical expenses derived from an accident involving bodily harm.
  • Expenses for rescue, collection and transfer. Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the insured person to be rescued, picked up and/or transferred due to an accident.
  • Extra-contractual Civil Responsibility derived from material and personal damage caused involuntarily to third parties.

Do you have consumer goods or electronic equipment that you would like to insure? Contact us!

If you are interested in consumer equipment insurance, do not hesitate to contact CINC Correduria d’Assegurances and we will provide you with a tailor-made proposal:


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