The new Interprofessional Minimum Wage is approved for 2021

The approval of Royal Decree 817/2021, of September 28, published in the BOE es-tablishes the new minimum interprofessional salary for 2021.
The minimum interpro-fessional salary (SMI) is the minimum remuneration that a worker has to receive to do a job in accordance with the law, whatever the job, age or sex of it.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy and those responsible for the trade union organizations CCOO and UGT have reached an agreement to increase the Minimum Interprofes-sional Salary (SMI) by an amount of 15 euros per month (around 1.6%). The new amounts will apply retroactively to September 1, 2021. 


Amount The Minimum Inter-professional Salary is set at 32.17 euros / day or 965 euros gross per month in 14 payments.

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September 17, 2021

Start saving on your mortgage life insurance

Before, when you asked for a mortgage through the bank, they forced you to take out a life insurance that conditioned the granting of the mortgage loan. In reality, these insurances have rates that are higher than those usually offered by the market, and you end up paying a higher price than contracting those offered through other channels, such as Insurance Brokers and Mediators.


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