The definitive return to the office is here: what the return to normality will bring

The end of the return to the office is here. Two years have passed since the start of the pandemic, and it seems that, little by little, we are returning to the normality of before: restrictive measures are beginning to be relaxed (the elimination of masks indoors is expected soon) and presence is once again occupying a very important place in all spheres. So we can finally say that the return to normality is a reality.
The big technology companies, which had planned a massive return to the office in September, are now doing so: Microsoft workers returned to the office on 28 February, and Apple workers are already back in the office on 1 April. Google is also back in operation, scheduled for 4 April, and we see that the flexible formula is proving to be the definitive solution to the return, and will be with us for quite some time to come. 
The organisation of events is also a good sign of the return to normality. One of the key events at the beginning of 2022 in Barcelona has undoubtedly been the Mobile World Congress, which was affected last year by the pandemic, and this year was held with more than 60,000 attendees from nearly 200 countries, where there was no lack of preventive security measures. 
At CINC, we also noticed how companies working with hybrid models are increasingly encouraged to organise corporate meetings and gatherings. And you can see that they missed it: there is no doubt that they facilitate communication between the members of the company and improve the bond and feeling of belonging to the company, something that is difficult to maintain with teleworking. 
What have we gained by returning to normality? These are some of the benefits of returning to the office in person and organising corporate events and meetings.

Much more direct and effective interpersonal communication

Did you know that at least two-thirds of communication is non-verbal? Imagine how much information we miss out on through phone calls, emails, and even Whatsapp audios. Not to mention how exhausting video calls can be due to the psychological strain of long-distance communication. Face-to-face communication allows us to communicate in a much clearer, freer and more efficient way, as gestures and expressions convey much more meaning and ensure that messages are not misinterpreted.

Links with the company are strengthened

According to a Forbes magazine survey, 84% of executives prefer in-person relationships because of their ability to build stronger and more meaningful social relationships. This is of great importance for companies that for so long have kept their employees working remotely. The return to the office is a time of reunions, a return to old (and new) routines and, no doubt, a reminder of why it is so highly valued: it strengthens social relationships, one of the most important drivers of people's wellbeing at work.

Motivation and productivity is boosted

As a consequence of all of the above, productivity is also enhanced, in terms of motivation and improved communication and teamwork. It is much easier to communicate with your colleagues and make decisions that you might previously have had to make by phone or Whatsapp. In addition, having professional furniture and technological equipment (large desks, computer screens, photocopier, etc.) also contributes to greater comfort and efficiency in day-to-day work. It is true that many of us will continue to work a couple of days a week from home, but when you get used to the advantages of working from an office, we understand that in the end it is all about finding a balance, and that the comfort of professional spaces goes beyond working from home in slippers. 
At CINC we have everything ready to get you back to the office. We have been preparing customised workspaces for more than a decade, and we understand our clients' needs, offering solutions adapted to each pace and personalising their spaces to the maximum. 
In addition, we also have technologically equipped meeting and training rooms so that you can hold all your corporate meetings, especially if your company works with a hybrid model and you want to involve your company's employees more closely. You can book them online here.


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