The corporate self-employed will have the right to request the flat rate

The decision has been communicated through a note issued by the objections area of the General Treasury of Social Security, which has notified the regional objection departments of the order to process all flat rate requests, both from individuals physical and corporate self-employed.

Which freelancers does this change in criteria affect?

They have the ex officio right to avail themselves of the flat rate of 60 euros:

  • Self-employed persons who, as of September 8, have registered with a commercial company.

They have the right to claim the amounts paid improperly:

  • Self-employed companies to whom the flat rate was not applied at the time and it has occurred in the last four years.
  • Self-employed companies who registered before September 2016 and requested the flat rate, but it has been denied or is pending resolution.

What is the flat rate for freelancers?

The self-employed flat rate consists of the monthly payment of a Social Security fee of 60 euros during the first year, instead of paying the full fee (286 euros for individuals and 367 euros for self-employed companies), followed by a reduction 50% of the quota during the following six months and 30% in the remaining six.

Now, all the self-employed who are part of the shareholding of any capitalist mercantile company will also be able to benefit from this bonus.

What requirements must be met to be considered self-employed?

The self-employed will be considered corporate when they are in any of the following cases:

  • Own at least 33% of the company's capital stock.
  • Possess at least 25% of the capital and exercise direction and management functions.

I am a self-employed company and I requested the flat rate: how can I make a claim?

If you registered as a self-employed company before September 8, 2016 or in the last four years and your request for a flat rate has been denied, or you are pending resolution, you have the right to have the amounts unduly paid back.

We help you process your claim

From CINC Asesoría we are carefully studying the claim procedure in order to offer those affected a response adapted to each case. We will get in touch with each of them as soon as possible.

For any questions in this regard, you can contact our Labor Department (


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