The contribution base for the self-employed will increase by 140 euros a year next year

The minimum contribution base for the self-employed will rise by 1. 25% in 2019, as agreed between the Government and most self-employed organizations. Thus, the contribution would go from 932. 70 euros to 944. 35 euros per month, which translates into an increase of 11. 65 euros per month and 139. 98 euros per year. 
However, the Government is considering more social protection for the self-employed, as it considers that it can be financed by the increase in contributions. This measure would provide greater coverage for the self-employed in terms of sick leave, cessation of activity, protection against unemployment and improved training, among others. 
On the other hand, it is also planned that the well-known “flat rate"; for self-employed workers will rise from 50 to 60 euros a month from next year, since self-employed workers who benefit from this reduced quota will also be able to access the improvements in the agreed benefits. 
The Government and self-employed organizations have also discussed the possibility that in the future self-employed persons will pay social security contributions only on the basis of the income earned. This possible reform would be of great importance for the self-employed, but remains to be discussed next year by the Executive and the groups of self-employed

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November 6, 2018

New features to be included in the new LOPD

The new Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD), which has already been validated by Congress and is already in the process of approval in the Senate, will soon be approved. 


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