Terrace 360CINC: an exclusive space overlooking the city of Girona

CINC Girona has an exclusive open-air space ideal for companies, entities and groups: the 360CINC terrace. It is a multipurpose space of 350 square meters for multiple possibilities of use:

– Events / Presentations

– Meetings

– Formations

– Caterings / Coffee breaks

– Product presentations / Showrooms

– Press conferences

– Photographic Sessions

– Shooting / TV broadcasts

– … and much more!

The terrace is located in the CINC building, the heart of the city of Girona, and has magnificent views of the city, being an attractive space for unique events. In addition, its versatility allows the furniture and space to be adapted to any type of need.

Why 360CINC?


– It is located in one of the best Business Centers in the State – You will have a spacious and exclusive space with views of the city of Girona – We adapt the space to your needs

– We offer you additional services: catering, hostesses, translation, and diffusion of events…

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