“Talent in feminine”: An initiative of CINC in order to give support to the entrepreneur woman

The professional activity of the woman in the business and labour environment is currently full of challenges and issues. Even if it is true that there have been progresses in matters of gender equality, women still have more difficulties than men to conciliate their personal life with the professional one, and they are still suffering the effects of the salary gap and the gender discrimination.  

Those barriers are the main reason why many women reject directive positions, promotions or better paid jobs. However, the number of entrepreneur women has increased significantly, and we are getting close to the parity in the European environment with 9 entrepreneur women for every 10 men, according to the data of the net GEM in 2018 (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor).

At CINC we have observed in the last year that this trend has been continued, with 57% of societies created by women and 42% by men. Even though the figures are quite encouraging, we think that there is still much to do, and therefore we want to do our bit by giving support to the entrepreneur activity of the woman with the initiative “Talent in feminine”.  


What does “Talent in feminine” consist of?


“Talent in feminine” is an initiative of CINC whose main objective is to provide the development of their business activity to women in order to project their talent.

Therefore, during all the month of March and on Women’s Day, CINC offers the free creation of their limited society to all women who have an entrepreneurial project, apart from:  

– Business, fiscal and accounting advice during 6 months
– Free domiciliation of the society
– Business training
– Free access to the meeting rooms
– Advantages in products and services for the enterprise
– Collaboration agreements with accelerators and support in financing

And for those entrepreneurs who already have an enterprise constituted and want to get it under way, we offer a discount of the 15% in the following services:

– Office rental
– Business domiciliation
– Meeting, conference and formation rooms rental
– Business advice (fiscal, labour, accounting, juridical)


How to participate?


In order to be part of “talent in feminine”, the entrepreneur must send her business plan to empren@cinc.es, and we will contact her to arrange the first meeting and get to know her project.

Once the project has been approved, we take on the preparation of all the necessary formalities in order to create the society, assuming all the costs of the constitution and notary.

On the other hand, all those women who already have an enterprise and want to benefit from our services, can contact us through info@cinc.es with the subject “Talent in feminine”.


Further information and contact


For further information about this programme, do not hesitate to contact us: info@cinc.es.

933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)

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