Summer Startup School: a summer course for entrepreneurs

On July 8th, the 10th edition of the Summer Startup School starts. It is the first 22@ entrepreneurship school. It is a three-week summer course that offers a very complete theoretical-practical training in different thematic areas, so that the entrepreneur has the necessary tools that will allow him to launch his project successfully.
The course is designed for those who want to start a project but they still do not know where to start, as for those who have a clear business idea and have not yet developed it. It is also for those who already have a project under development and want to improve it or those who are looking to reinvent themselves through entrepreneurship as a professional career.

Learning the keys to start successfully

Summer Startup School offers students an integral vision of the business venture so they can develop their idea with more security. The course consists of different thematic modules, where you will learn how to create a business plan, to find ways to finance your project, legal and financial aspects or how to communicate and commercialize the business.

First level teachers

Many of the Summer Startup School's teachers, in addition to giving classes in universities and business schools, are also entrepreneurs who have lived in the first person the adventure to start a project. In this way, the students are lucky to have professors who can tell their entrepreneurial experience in the first person, as well as provide them advice and accompaniment during the course.

Success projects

Thanks to the Summer Startup School, entrepreneurial projects have emerged and consolidated, such as Hotels Consulting, Video Dossier, Personal Smart Kit, Illustration & Animation David Serena, Ena Markovich, Voelker, FSNew or RealFunding. The business ideas created during the course will have the opportunity to be part of the program for entrepreneurs 1Dia1Empresa, which offers the free constitution of a limited company, in addition it also offers fiscal and accountant adviser for six months, among other advantages.


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