Submission of non-Profitable Assets tax

From the 1st of October until the 30th of November, the term for the submission of the non-Profitable Assets tax will remain opened. The tax, that can be required in Catalonia, was approved by the 6/02017 law, and aims to levy non-productive assets and certain rights that fall on those who are part of the taxpayer asset.  
It came into force on May 2017, and it was suspended shortly after; when presenting the Government an unconstitutionality appeal, in front of some precepts of the regulating law.   
Two years later, it has been modified through the 8/2019 Executive Order. After the Constitutional Court resolved the appeal, and declared the tax adjusted to the current constitutional framework. 

What levies the non-productive assets tax?


The non-productive assets tax levies the tenure of the taxable person, in the date of the tax accrual, of the following assets (as long as they are not productive and they are located in Catalonia):
Real property.
Motor vehicles with a power equal or superior to two hundred horsepower. 
Leisure boats.
Art objects and antiques with a value that exceeds the established by the historical heritage law. 

Who must pay for this tax?


Legal persons and entities that (without having legal personality), constitute an economical unit or separate state susceptible of enforcement. In all cases, the taxable person must have a commercial form. 

Who is exempt of submitting it?


The following are exempt of the non-productive assets tax: 
Public administrations, organizations and public law entities. 
Diplomatic representations, embassy offices and international organizations with headquarters in Catalonia.  
Property assets of foundations and non-governmental organizations. And generally, of not-for profit institutions, as long as they are exclusively allocated for their own non-profit purposes. 

How is it calculated?

Measuring the taxable base, constituted by the value sum of all the non-productive assets (the ones that refers the taxable event). The rate to establish the gross tax payable is taken from the Wealth Tax that applies to physical persons in Catalonia, it goes from 0,2% to 2,75%.

When is the accrual produced?

The tax amount on the non-productive assets is accrued the 1st January of every year, except for 2017 financial year, when it was accrued on the 30th June. 

When must the reverse charge be submitted?

The reverse charge tax submission will be done using telematic channels and through the 540 form. The deposit will be made between the 1st and the 30th June following the accrual date. 
The reverse charge corresponds to the 2017, 2018 and 2019 years. It must be submitted and entered between the 1st October and the 30th November 2019. 
For further information or any doubts, please contact our Fiscal Department (

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