Sick leave insurance for self-employees: tranquility that guarantees your economic stability

Sick Leave Insurance is the ideal solution for the self-employed: it allows you to cope with the loss of income that means having to interrupt your work activity in case of illness or total temporary incapacity.

What does it consist of?

It is a very flexible insurance through which the self-employed receives a daily benefit from the first day of the Sick Leave and it perfectly complements the public benefits.
Having this type of policy contracted guarantees an economic stability to the self-employed in case of Sick Leave, since the public benefits offer insufficient coverage.
Do you know how much you can earn if you are sick or injured? Do you want to know if you could find yourself in a situation of vulnerability?

What are the benefits of low labor insurance?

– Guarantees your economic balance in case of sick leave or total temporary disability with a benefit that can go from 10 to 250 euros.
– Hiring this insurance is simple and does not require a medical examination, just fill out a health questionnaire
– You can contract the coverage from the first day of the sick leave or apply several franchises
– It is a global policy with wide coverage, such as: sports injuries, processes during and after pregnancy, mental and psychiatric processes, etc.
– It is not subject to deficiencies neither by disease or by accident (except 12 months for pregnancy and childbirth).
– You have tax advantages: if you are taxed for economic activities in the IRPF in an indirect estimation, you can deduct up to 500 euros in expenses of your economic activity the contracting of work insurance (except the Provincial Councils of Álava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa).

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