Set up a LLC for free with the program 1Dia1Empresa

Do you have and idea of business and you want to make it real? Through the program for entrepreneurs 1Dia1Empresa, we offer you the formation of a LLC for free, in addition to management, tax and accounting advice for six months.
The program 1Dia1Empresa was created in 2012 in order to help new entrepreneurs who felt lost and needed help to set up their company. The access to that program also includes the company address to any of the three buildings; Barcelona, Girona and Figueres. Furthermore, the use of the meeting rooms for free and others benefits.
How to take part in 1Dia1Empresa?
1. To take part of 1Dia1Empresa, entrepreneurs need to send us you ‘Company planning’ through the website
2. Thereon, we arrange a first meeting to know each other and to take a deeper look to your project.
3. If the project is accepted, we are in charge of accomplishing the formation of your LLC, assuming all costs from administration and notary. 
More than 100 Companies were set up through 1Dia1Empresa
Thanks to the program 1Dia1Empresa, more than a thousand entrepreneurs have been able to set up their company with all guaranties, in an easy way and with no added costs, as well as the support of the human resources from CINC Assistance:
‘CINC gives us tranquility. We dealt with all matters with the Assistance team and they gave us the basis to be able to go forwards. With the program 1Dia1Empresa we got the chance to create our company and to have very professional ones to our side.’ – Les Chausseurs
‘My experience starts with 1Dia1Empresa for recommendation of a good friend of mine to constitute my company with no added costs, but soon, I find out why CINC is a Business Center of prestige: they give you confidence, they take responsibility for the creation of the company and for the usual management so that you can focus on your job with complete calm of being hold in good hands.’- Eva Gutenberg
‘The more we value is the initial help that they offer you when you feel lost, as well as the quick and good management’ – Epick G
‘The program 1Dia1Empresa is highly recommendable for new entrepreneurs, in fact we recommend actively to our clients and students, because CINC understands pretty well which the initial necessities are for entrepreneurs.’ –Linked Values

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