Security Protocol in our workspaces against COVID-19

In the framework of the fight against COVID-19, the entire CINC team continues to work to make our spaces as safe and operational as posible.

For this reason, we have developed a new security protocol to guarantee all our users that they can come to work at our centers with total security and tranquility.

Below, we detail the new measures that have been implemented in all our locations:

Strengthening of security, hygiene and disinfection measures in all our spaces

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We have once again strengthened our cleaning team to carry out exhaustive hygiene and disinfection (with bleach and products authorized by the Ministry of Health to disinfect) of all spaces, with special attention to common areas, in addition to extreme distances Social.

Ozone disinfections are carried out in all the facilities, both common areas and spaces for private use.

At the receptions and at the entrances of each floor we have made available to users some dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel, as well as paper to dry their hands and wastebaskets with lid and pedal to facilitate the safe disposal of single-use material (such as tissues and masks).

a) Offices and work áreas::
  • All workstations have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • We have reinforced daily cleaning, with special emphasis on surfaces.
  • We have installed partitions between some tables to preserve safety distances.
  • We provide workers with wipes so they can disinfect the table, keyboard, mouse, telephone, glasses, etc.
b) Meeting rooms:
  • A maximum capacity limit has been established in the halls.
  • We have reinforced the cleaning service throughout the day and, if possible, after each use.
  • In each room there will be a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.
c) Office-dining room:
  • Limited capacity. You must respect the maximum limit of people according to the exposed poster.
  • Cleaning service is reinforced after the meal.
  • We ask for the collaboration of users to keep the space clean and tidy.
  • A hydroalcoholic gel dispenser has been fitted.
d) Bathrooms:
  • We identify the sensitive areas of the bathrooms.
  • In the morning and in the afternoon, a review of cleaning and disinfection is carried out (especially: toilets, handles, handles, push buttons, etc.).

Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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We provide users with all the necessary protection material to guarantee maximum security:
  • Custom reusable masks.
  • Disposable masks (for visitors).
  • Protective face shields (available to those who expressly request it).
  • Disinfectant wipes (for the table, keyboard, mouse, mobile, telephone, etc.).
  • Disinfectant gels for hands.

Security measures for CINC care personnel

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  • Specific safety and hygiene elements have been provided for all customer service, cleaning, maintenance and service personnel.
  • We have extended and duly marked the safety distances.

  • We have installed methacrylate partitions in the receptions to be able to attend with total confidence.

  • We have created shifts that reduce the risk of contagion.

Access control of the entrances in the building reception

 control accés

Hydroalcoholic gel and disposable masks (for those who do not carry them) are made available to all customers and visitors who enter the building.

More secure parcel management

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  • Parcel and received mail areas have been established, which will not be distributed until after 48 hours.
  • A surface safety spray is carried out based on the mixture of water and bleach in quantities not harmful to interiors, but sufficient to eliminate risks.

Capacity limitation

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We have established a capacity limitation in our facilities according to the size of each space. These restrictions are mandatory to ensure everyone's safety.

Signage to ensure compliance with the measures

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We have placed posters in all our common areas to facilitate the correct implementation of security measures by users:

  • Elevators (safety guidelines)
  • Office-dining room (hygiene and safety guidelines)
  • Plants (arrows indicating the direction of safe movement)
  • Toilets (safety and hygiene guidelines and instructions for proper hand washing.
  • Rooms (security guidelines and indications of capacity limitation)


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