Santiago Niño-Becerra fills the auditorium of CINC Girona with the conference “Economic Trends”

On July 5th we had the privilege of having the presence of the renowned economist Santiago Niño-Becerra at CINC Girona, who gave the lecture "Economic Trends" in the auditorium of the Business Centre. The event was a success with more than 90 attendees and the outstanding presence of the media, such as TV de Girona and El Punt Avui.
The conference was aimed at businessmen and executives, and its aim was to promote a space for meeting, reflection and debate, given the importance for companies of being prepared to face and adapt to the changes and challenges of the current environment.
Eva Pla, partner-director of Agencia Girona, welcomed the attendees to the conference, which was presented by Gemma Coll, partner-director of CINC. This is the first public event organized by CINC since our integration with the Agència Girona consultancy, a union that has allowed us to expand and strengthen our structure.
During the conference, Professor Niño-Becerra highlighted the importance of "the trend, the evolution of things over time", beyond the specific data that are usually of interest to experts and politicians. Along these lines, he analysed the economic transition we are experiencing during his speech, recalling that "the 2007 economic model, which had begun in 1950, was exhausted, had the concept of production, going further, and went into crisis".
On the other hand, he highlighted the decrease in purchasing power in Spain, which he attributes to the trend of low productivity, which has repercussions on consumption and disposable income, and which ultimately translates into debt. In this sense, the economist warned that "we are not going to get better, the system is falling, we are going towards a situation of stagnation".
He also warned that the evolution of the GDP of all OCD countries is suffering a setback, and until 2050 we will be in a situation very similar to what we were in 2010, which "in terms of economic growth, it is as if we had lost almost 40 years", he said.
Girona TV was present to cover the event, and a short report was broadcast on the news on 6 July.


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