Registering your company in a virtual office: what are the advantages?

A limitation that many entrepreneurs and freelancers have when they start their activity is the fact of not having a professional space. In this sense, using our home address to establish the headquarters of a business involves a double risk, since it is taking away credibility and at the same time compromising our private life.

Therefore, the domiciliation of companies in a virtual headquarters is an affordable option for SMEs and freelancers who want to convey a professional image to their customers. It is also ideal for companies that already have a corporate headquarters and intend to open new offices abroad without having to make a large investment.


What is the business address and virtual office service?


The address of a coworking or business center can be assigned to the business as its fiscal and/or social headquarters, with the possibility of including professional services of a virtual office that add value, such as, for example:

  • Receiving calls to a dedicated phone number
  • Private mailbox
  • Logo in the hall of the building
  • Use of meeting rooms


What advantages does a virtual office offer?

Business address and virtual office are the perfect solution for freelancers, freelancers and SMEs working from home:

  • Image of confidence to your clients. Having your company address located in a corporate headquarters transmits a professional image of your business.
  • Prestigious location. One of the advantages of having the company domiciled in a coworking is the ease of locating it in a key location for your business, without having to rent an office. Thus, if your activity falls within the technological field, it may be a good idea to address it at 22 @ in Barcelona, for example.
  • Receiving calls, parcels and correspondence. Your calls are handled by a professional reception and telephone service that saves you time and allows you to project an image of a great company. Plus, you don't have to worry if you're not at home to pick up whatever packages you're waiting for – there will always be someone to pick them up.
  • A space where you can serve your customers. Another advantage is being able to hold meetings in a professional space. In this way, your clients will perceive that your company is located in the place where you have it domiciled, even if you continue to work comfortably from home.

At CINC we offer personalized plans to locate your company in a virtual headquarters. If you need more information, contact us without obligation:

933 030 060
972 940 940

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