Protect your home with our anti-occupancy insurance

Protección contra la ocupación ilegal

Did you know that Catalonia is the autonomous community with the most cases of illegal occupation in the last year? In addition, the State Attorney General’s Office claims to have received more than 9,500 complaints in 2023, the vast majority for usurpation and the rest for trespass.

Illegal occupation is a reality that worries many property owners, since it entails a series of legal problems that home insurance does not fully cover. For this reason, through CINC Insurance Brokerage we make it easier for you to contract Legal Defense Insurance against Illegal Occupation: the only way to get full coverage to guarantee your peace of mind as much as possible.

What does legal defense insurance against Illegal Occupation cover?

From only €40.62 per year, you will have all the necessary coverage to protect your home:

  • Telephone legal assistance
  • Claim for the recovery of the property
  • Claim for damages caused to the property
  • Defense in municipal administrative matters
  • Payment of expenses derived from the occupation of the property
  • Payment of expenses incurred for cleaning the property

Do you want more information about this insurance?

If you want to guarantee the protection of your home, at CINC Insurance Brokerage we offer you the possibility of contracting Legal Defense Insurance against Illegal Occupation.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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