Pet insurance: the maximum protection for your pet for your complete peace of mind

We know that pets are also part of the family and deserve special care. That is why CINC Insurance Brokerage offers you specific insurance to protect your dog or cat and enjoy the peace of mind of being covered for any unforeseen event related to your pet.

Why buy insurance for pets?

Your pet will always be protected, no matter what happens. In the event of any unforeseen event, you will be guaranteed the protection of your dog or cat thanks to the extensive coverage it offers.
You'll save on veterinary expenses. You will be able to face with peace of mind the veterinary costs of your pet caused by illness or accident to always offer him the care he deserves.
Peace of mind in the face of damages. As the owner of your dog or cat, you will be covered for the civil liability of your pet if it causes damages to third parties, in addition to having legal defence guaranteed.

What coverage does it offer?

Pet insurance provides your pet with comprehensive coverage, guaranteeing maximum protection at all times for your complete peace of mind:
Damage to your pet (accidents, theft and loss). In the event of an accident, you are guaranteed compensation for the value of the animal in the event of death, in addition to the costs of veterinary care, such as consultations, medication, diagnostic tests or surgery. If it is a theft, the insurance also covers the costs of compensation, and if your pet is lost, you will be reimbursed the costs of inserting advertisements to find it.
Veterinary care. Includes the animal's veterinary expenses (consultation expenses, diagnostic tests, surgical interventions, hospitalisation, etc. ) in the event of accident and illness (only for animals under 7 years of age) according to the limits established in the policy.
Civil liability. For your complete peace of mind, you will be covered for material damage caused by your pet to third parties. In addition, if your pet is a dangerous breed of dog, you will correctly comply with the obligation to purchase this coverage.
Legal defence. You will also be guaranteed legal defence and bail in the event of complaints and trials.
Your pet's stay in an animal shelter. If you are hospitalized and are unable to care for your pet, you will be covered for the cost of the animal's stay in a kennel or kennel.
Coverage of the animal's death expenses. It includes the costs of slaughter
(euthanasia), cremation and burial of the dog or cat due to accident, old age or illness.
Telephone consulting room. You can have a permanent service through which you can consult any subject related to your pet (vaccinations, food, etc.).

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