Online incorporation of limited companies and digitisation of notarial procedures: everything you need to know

Law 11/2023 on the transposition of EU directives, of 8 May, brings two important new features: the incorporation of Limited Companies entirely online and the digitalisation of notarial procedures, which can be carried out without having to go in person and with the same legal certainty.
Below, we explain the keys to each of them:

Incorporation of Limited Liability Companies entirely online

  • Since 8 May it has been possible to incorporate limited companies electronically without having to go to a notary's office in person.
  • It is also possible to carry out other registrable transactions linked to the legal obligations in the life of these companies.
  • This procedure cannot be used when the shareholders' contribution to the capital is made by means of contributions other than in cash.
  • The minimum period for the electronic incorporation of an S.L. is 6 hours, if standardised deeds are used, and a maximum of 5 working days in all other cases.

Notary and registry services without having to attend in person

  • From 9 November, all notarial procedures can be carried out online, by videoconference and with a digital signature.
  • Registry procedures will be accessible online from 24 May 2024. 
  • It will no longer be necessary to appear before a notary in person, as they will have the same legal validity in telematic form. 
  • The electronic notarial records will be deposited with the General Council of Notaries and can only be used by the notary who is the holder of each record. 
In short, these legal developments have modernised bureaucratic and administrative processes, bringing benefits to online business participation. Entrepreneurs and businessmen can manage their procedures in a more agile and secure way in order to grow their businesses.
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