01 APR 2020
From the responsibility that we assume for the situation of sanitary alert motivated by the COVID-19, in CINC Insurance Brokerage we have decided to implant the work in remote for all our workers. 
This means that all of our work centres will remain, for the time being, without face-to-face attention. However, thanks to the advanced digitalization of all our processes, we are perfectly able to continue providing you with the service you need. You can find us at:
Figueres (+34 972 505 100)
Girona (+34 972 940 940)
Barcelona (+34 933 030 060) 
608 30 15 32 (Whatsapp) 

We advise you whether you are a client of CINC Insurance Brokerage or not

Do you have questions about your personal insurance? In the current situation you are likely to have many questions.
Therefore, we are at your disposal for any doubt or query about the policies you have taken out with us, especially those related to your health. 
We will also attend to the queries of those clients and people related to CINC, who want to know how far their insurance covers them, even if they do not have the policy contracted with CINC Insurance Brokerage.

We put at your disposal a special assistance and claims service

Have you had any incidents? Contact us and we will look for the fastest solution to put everything back in order (sending repairers, tele-expert, etc.), thus reducing the waiting time for the resolution of the claim.
We offer you the possibility of making telephone or video consultations for health policies depending on the services of each insurance company.

We help you to process the deferral of the collection of insurance bills

Due to the economic circumstances that have caused the declaration of the state of alarm because of the coronavirus, the insurance companies have opened different lines of financing, of the premiums from 60 to 120 days, to be able to facilitate their payment in the most comfortable way possible, including payment by bank card.

Do you need us to process premium deferrals?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you about this option, depending on the conditions applied by each insurance company. 
We hope that these measures will be helpful and that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible. But for now, stay at home and take care: we want to see you again soon!


Discover the life insurance that offers you more

To enjoy the present is to have the peace that, no matter what, no unforeseen circumstance will affect your life rhythm, not even the future of your family. For this reason, thinking on guarantying you the best protection, in CINC Insurance Brokerage, we offer you the hiring of a very complete life insurance through Zurich company. So that you can lead your usual life in case of disability or accident.  

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