15 FEB 2023
The approval of Royal Decree 99/2023, of 15 February, published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) establishes the new minimum interprofessional wage for 2023.  
The Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) is the minimum remuneration that a worker has to receive to do a job by the law, whatever their job, age or sex. The Government has decided to increase the Minimum Interprofessional Wage by 8%, from the current 1,000 euros to 1,080 euros gross distributed in 14 annual payments. This new amount represents an increase of 8% concerning the minimum wage established in 2022, retroactive to 1 January. The new amounts will be applied retroactively from 1 January 2023, companies will have to regularise the corresponding differences where applicable.


The Minimum Interprofessional Wage is fixed at 36 euros per day or 1,080 euros gross per month distributed in 14 payments.



Tax developments and highlights in 2023: Wealth tax liability for Non-residents

The State and Autonomous Community Tax Agency is stepping up its review and detection of non-residents holding property and assets in Spanish territory to ensure that they correctly file the Non-Resident Wealth Tax.
The most important aspects of this tax are set out below, with special mention of the new features introduced for 2022.

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