18 MAR 2022
The first call for applications for Kit Digital grants, aimed at companies with between 10 and 49 employees, has been open since 15 March. These grants are intended to contribute to the digitalisation of companies and can be applied for until 15 September.
The programme has a budget of 3,067 million euros, from the Next Generation funds, and is expected to be granted to one million SMEs and to contract existing digital services on the market.

Who can benefit from the programme?

As we recalled in a previous communication, this aid is divided into three tranches, depending on the size of the company:
Segment I: companies with 10 to 49 workers, with a maximum amount per company of 12,000 euros.
Segment II: companies with 3 to 9 employees, with a maximum amount per company of 6,000 euros.
Segment III: small companies and self-employed with 1 to 2 employees, with a maximum amount of 2,000 euros.

What subsidies can I apply for?

There are different types of grants depending on the service required by the company:
  • Website and Internet presence. Maximum amount: €2,000.
  • E-commerce. Maximum amount: €2,000.
  • Management of social networks: Maximum amount: €2,500.
  • Customer and/or supplier management. Maximum amount: €4,000.
  • Business intelligence and analytics. Maximum amount: €4,000.
  • Virtual office services and tools. Maximum amount: €250/user.
  • Process management. Maximum amount: €6,000.
  • Electronic invoicing. Maximum amount: 1.000€.
  • Secure communications. Maximum amount: 6.000€.
  • Online cybersecurity. Maximum amount: €6,000.

Don't have your Digital Kit yet? Order now

At CINC we accompany you and facilitate the whole process to get your Digital Kit. If you want us to take care of the processing of the grants, access the application form:
I want to apply for my Digital Kit



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