02 FEB 2023

Do you need to hold a video conference in a well-equipped space? Or are you starting a business and need a room that will accelerate your project?

If you are looking for the best space that will mark the difference with your clients or workers, at CINC Business Centre we offer you free first use for rooms of up to 8 people so that you can carry out the activity you need.

At CINC we have flexible and comfortable spaces that provide the best image and prestige for your company, for example:

- Meeting rooms and meeting rooms: comfortable and functional so that your working hours are useful and comfortable.

- Videoconference room: equipped with the latest technology, with fast and efficient image and audio transmission.

These rooms offer all the services you need: water for the attendees, blackboard, office material, WI-FI, reception for the attendees and signage in the Hall of the building. You can also hire catering, projection or translation services.


Give your company a great image and prestige in the CINC rooms!

*only for new clients who hire and use the room during February.


Check the rooms on our website or come and visit us.

Call us on 933 030 060 or 972 940 940 and ask for a no-obligation visit.



22@NETWORK BCN receives an institutional visit from the Hwaseong delegation

On 14 March, a delegation from the Administrative and Planning Committee of the Hwaseong City Council (South Korea) visited the 22@ district.

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