26 JUL 2021
In May of this year the new traffic regulations came into force. Did you know that one of the main novelties are new changes in the withdrawal of the points card? This fact has increased the number of points withdrawn from the card due to penalties.
Can you imagine that they take more points from your card than you should, and you risk lose your license? What if you have to use your car to work and you can't? Would you know how to face an appeal for an offense that you have not committed?
At CINC Correduría de Seguros always anticipate any problem that may show up. For this reason, we offer you a Points Card Insurance through one of the best insurance companies in the market: so, you will be able to face any unforeseen fine for your maximum peace of mind.
In addition, if you contract your Points Card policy before September 30 with a minimum subsidy of € 1000 per month (total annual premium of € 65.14), the insurance company will give you an approved luminous signaling device.

What does the points card insurance cover?

  • Payment of a monthly subsidy and financial aid in case of revocation. If your license has been withdrawn or your driving license revoked, the points license insurance pays you a monthly subsidy in case of temporary suspension of the license or total loss of points to be able to assume your financial commitments if you cannot work or hire a driver to be able to carry out your activity.
  • Expenses for a course for the total recovery of card points. If your card is withdrawn and you have to take an awareness and recovery course for points, the insurance covers costs up to 500 euros, including fees and medical examination.
  • Expenses for a partial recovery course for card points. If some points have been withdrawn from your card and you do not want to run out of the rest and lose your license, thanks to the insurance guarantee, the costs will be covered up to a maximum of 250 euros.
  • Telephone legal assistance. If you have to appeal a fine and you do not know how, a lawyer will advise you and instantly resolve all your doubts over the phone, at any time and as many times as you need it.
  • Transfer of your vehicle and transportation costs. If the agents immobilize your vehicle because a breathalyzer control determines that you cannot continue driving, the insurance will send you a tow truck to protect it, and you will also have a taxi service of up to 50 euros to take you to your destination, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Appeal against incorrect variation of points. If you have had more points withdrawn than you are entitled to for a traffic violation you have committed, you will have the necessary legal support to appeal it.
  • Fines alert service. If you have not been notified of a traffic violation and the amount in your bank account has been seized, thanks to the fines alert service, every time a traffic violation is published in an official bulletin, the insurance will notify you to assess the options of resource with you.

Do you want to guarantee your driver's license and avoid surprises?

For more information about card insurance by points, do not hesitate to contact us.

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New traffic law: what are the most important changes?

On Monday 21 March the new traffic law came into force. This new law includes more than 50 new features, including an increase in the number of points withdrawn to penalise drivers who engage in risky behaviour. Below is a summary and an infographic with the main measures.

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