31 MAR 2014

Brief Description : Star Moto Parts, a company of kit and spare parts for motorcycles and developed to maintain alliances with importers looking for good quality products and competitive prices through direct negotiation with the manufacturer.
Location: CINC Barcelona

1. How is founded Star Moto Parts?
Headquartered in Switzerland, Star Moto Parts arises from the need to establish a bridge between our parent company in Brazil ( RIFFEL ) and our exclusive factories and suppliers in Asia , on the administrative side and technological development .

Later Berhomet structure in Barcelona will fail to establish the place of business to expand in Europe RIFFEL .

2 . What is your added value?
Our greatest asset is the quality of our products, which are manufactured under strict technical supervision.

3 . What is your main product?
All our products are in terms of star quality. In terms of sales stand transmission elements and brake .

4 . And your commitment to the future
Our priority is the mass marketing of our products in the European market , gaining recognition for our products thereof .

5 . How many employees have and what are their profiles?:
At present, the staff of the companies in the group is about a hundred and profiles are always appropriate to each position.

The company cultivates corporate form and especially since its foundation, training, development and welfare of its employees, always assessing their needs and contributions.

6. Finally, what do you value most in the International Business Centre of Catalonia
In general, good organization, professionalism and friendliness of the staff and the comfort of working in the center.

We also value highly the willingness to confront and resolve CINC adverse situacions and professional contribution involving all activities organized to train, improve and optimize the professional user, either through free lectures or courses of payment.


Interview with 22@ Network

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