08 JAN 2014

Founder: Alvaro Serrano , Joan López and José Luis Montes
Year established: 2013
Service:Strategic Consulting developing indirect channels for technology providers
Location: CINC Barcelona. Also in Madrid.
Web: and

Brief Description: SmartCHANNEL works with companies providing information technology and communications (ICT ) baseline, helping in the development of its relations with its indirect distribution channels and networks of partners, and either the profiling , recruitment , retention and development of them . Also optimizing the value of their life cycle or generating tools to develop business with them.

1. How did the idea of founding SmartCHANNEL emerged

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the ICT sector and an extensive network of contacts.

Our knowledge as professionals took us to see first hand the need of most manufacturers and suppliers of ICT to improve and develop your business with a link in the value chain as important to them as their channel partners.

2 . What is your added value?

It can be summarized in three axes. For one, our expert level of knowledge ; on the other hand , our range of specialized tools and resources , some of which are own developments ; and thirdly our independence and access to us for projects instead of having fixed dedicated resources.

3 . And you bet your future?

After analyzing the development and results of the year that just ended , we see that our current portfolio of services has been well received and effective , the new tool launched this summer is working very well(StrateTIC ) , and there is a demand Bare important to the selection and development of relationships with high value-added partners and visionary .

Regarding this last point we will focus our investments in developments during 2014 with the release of SmartChannel FORUM shortly . This still sell and develop our traditional services and continue StrateTIC .

4 . How many workers are on staff today in SmartCHANNEL ? What profiles respond

We are four fixed profile professionals highly qualified and experienced in this sector. We have additional resources for projects in a format Company network, the future profile companies like ours .

5. Finally, what do you have for value in International Business Centre of Catalonia

Several things , all very interesting : the location , easy access, is also easy to park and close to the Barcelona technology companies , some clients. It also has a superb and versatile facility a very wide range of solvent and services at very reasonable costs and variable part and a very professional and full of great people team .

In short, a proposal very appropriate value for future profile companies like ours.



Interview with Star Moto Parts

The Business Center CINC interview Star Moto Parts, a company of kit and spare parts for motorcycles and developed to maintain alliances with importers looking for good quality products and competitive prices through direct negotiation with the manufacturer.

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