05 FEB 2014

Year established: 1992
Service: Association of Rural Tourism Accommodation
Location: CINC Girona

Brief Description : Industry Association accommodation owners of rural tourism in the province of Girona.

Provides advice on different aspects of activity management (taxation, industry standards , quality certification , etc.) different promotional channels (web , social media , media management , editing annual printed guide , assist fairs and workshops, among others) , central reservation on -line and telephone , representing the guild in the various administrations , the associated training services , management services and discounts on activities of interest to the group.

1. How Girona founded Rural Tourism

The March 16, 1992 articles of incorporation of the association were approved Girona Rural Tourism . Thus, thanks to the union 12 houses that pushed for the new tourism model , born a pioneering partnership that has since focused its mission in working together to promote agritourism and rural tourism in the province of Girona .

The success of the partnership has resulted in a steady increase in the number of partners.

2 . What is your added value? What sets you apart from the competition?

The added value that the partnership brings to its members is based on the experience of over twenty years leading the association in the field of rural tourism activity .

The associate is backed by an established brand that drives your business to optimize its competitiveness through management , promotion, marketing and service quality .

3. And you bet your future?

It is based on promoting and strengthening the professionalization of the sector. Often owners of rural tourism are other major activity that combine with restaurateurs .

Our goal is to provide them with all the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality to its customers.

Moreover , we provide you different tools for marketing on- line through our website and our reservations .

4. How many workers are on staff today in Girona Rural Tourism ? What profiles respond

Two workers. A technical full-time manager in charge of the technical secretariat of the association and of the planning and implementation of different management areas. A part-time art charge of the different processes involved in care associated maintenance and web publications.

5 . An anecdote from Girona Rural Tourism :

In our annual plan of action can not miss visits to other destinations accommodations for new product models and association management systems .

Local property owners to exchange experiences and enjoy the local cuisine of their counterparts .

Some of the visits in recent years have been the areas of Vallespir and Provence in France and Guipúzcoa in the Basque Country .

6. Finally, what do you have for value in International Business Centre of Catalonia

The comfort of its facilities and the integrated services offered. Also, for a small organization like ours is the best option to give a good corporate image .


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