06 NOV 2019
Coworking spaces are going through one of their best moments besides of experiencing constant supply and demand changes. Throughout this year, we have seen new spaces, new formulas and, above everything, new sensitivities and needs of the enterprises. These different things have provided the sector with a special dynamism. 
All these themes and much more was addressed on the 17th and 18th October in the WorkSpacesDay Conference.  A series of conferences organized by ProworkSpaces, the national association of coworking spaces, business centres and flexible working spaces operators. CINC has been there for one more year, and we have had the chance to moderate the discussion panel “How to commercialise Corporative Coworking?” Moreover, we listened to different lectures and to national and international experts’ opinions. 

What have we learned about the coworking spaces in 2019?

Of all the presentations we listened to in the WorkSpacesDay Conference, we have made a summary of the more outstanding ideas about the present and future situation of the coworking spaces: 
Technology is the key to the present and the future. Enterprises need better communications, data lines and technological equipment. Additionally, a space with no optical fibre cannot be conceived, just like in a future, neither will we find working spaces without 5G. 
Flexibility: essential to grow. Corporative enterprises, with their project development and their flexible structure, need to be able to resize their teams in concrete time frames. For this reason, a fundamental factor to contribute to the growth of these enterprises, is the fact of being able to manage and adapt their spaces in a short-term. 
The expression “too big to fail” does not exist.  None working space operator is save from: having bumps in their activity, and from suffering fluctuations in their clients, products or investments. Thus, in a dynamic environment, their own flexibility is key in the sustaining and in the space development. 
Neither exists the expression “too small to succeed”. The size of the enterprise is not a success guarantee, and in the field, we can find many examples of it. Between them, we find breakthrough initiatives. These have reached important investments of external agents, or either, they have reached reinvestment and occupation levels, that in previous years had just been found in big enterprises from the field.  
Secondary cities grow more important. Madrid and Barcelona are experiencing a development of flexible spaces, but mostly, this is happening in the rest of the cities and province capitals, where the companies look for new flexibility options that did not exist until now.  Therefore, modern, dynamic and technological working spaces installed in that cities, will be the establishment places of big companies and local offices of model brands.  

What does our experience tell us?

We have been preparing working spaces for more than 20 years, and in CINC we can trust that the flexibility and the technology, have been one of the key features to our clients. The fact to have been able to adapt ourselves totally to their demands and necessities, and to bring in the newest technology items, has turned us into pioneers in the implementation of multinational companies in Barcelona’s 22@.  
Therefore, we believe that the success key for the enterprise’s growth, is to be able to establish themselves in a completely flexible working space, accessing personal treatment and a completely customised service. And of course, the fact of disposing of a proper technological equipment, that allows them to optimise their productivity. 



Submission of non-Profitable Assets tax

From the 1st of October until the 30th of November, the term for the submission of the non-Profitable Assets tax will remain opened. The tax, that can be required in Catalonia, was approved by the 6/02017 law, and aims to levy non-productive assets and certain rights that fall on those who are part of the taxpayer asset.  

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