12 APR 2021

Any company can be a victim of cyber risks: only in Spain there are 400 cyber-attacks on companies every day. Moreover, SMEs are an easy victim for attackers: did you know that 7 out of 10 cyber-attacks affect SMEs, and that 60% of those that are attacked end up disappearing within 6 months?

The explanation is simple: SMEs have more vulnerable security systems and often have no contingency plans. In fact, the most common form of cyber-attack is via e-mail (1 out of every 130 e-mails contains a computer virus) and, for this reason, any mistake can be very expensive (the average cost per attack is €50,000). But it should also be known that these attacks result in the loss of customers and brand reputation for 30% of companies. 

If you want to guarantee the peace of mind of your business, at CINC Correduría de Seguros we make it easy for you to take out cyber protection insurance through one of the best insurance companies on the market to protect your business against losses that may be caused by computer attacks.

What coverages are included in cyber protection insurance?

Immediate or contingency actions in the event of cyber attacks. System restoration in the event that cyber attackers break into your computer and prevent access to files.
Hardware repair or replacement. In the event of printer or hard drive failure due to cyber attack, repair of machinery.
Data theft, incident management and recovery. In case of theft of customer personal data, investigation of the origin and recovery of electronic data. In the event of data theft, recovery of the cost of recovering the data and assistance with further protection.
Third-party liability or liability for information on the Internet. Coverage of claims against third parties in the case of stolen data (bank or medical, for example), as well as neutralisation in the case of the publication of false information about your business or product by removing it from the web. 
Business stoppage. Immediate and contingency actions and loss of profits.  If your website or sales platform is manipulated and your customers are unable to buy, the incident is resolved quickly so that you can resume business immediately. Furthermore, if a cyber attack forces you to close your business, you will receive payment for the economic losses while you can continue with your activity.
Extortion incidents. If a hacker blocks your company's computers and does not allow you to work until your ransom is paid, you will receive advice on how to put an end to the cyber extortion and unblock the equipment. In the event of website hijacking, you will be guaranteed recovery and restoration.
Identity fraud or social engineering fraud. In case of impersonation to close a deal with a supplier, you will be charged for the fees and costs of the impersonation. If an employee is tricked into making a bank transfer, you will receive the amount of the transfer.
You will also be able to access other additional prevention services:
  • 24h cyber assistance. If the company's screens lock up, a specialist will help you solve the problem.
  • Protection software. If you need protection, check that the antivirus is up to date and install the application.
  • Back-up copies. Backup system to keep your company's data safe.  Analysis of web vulnerability and internal and external IP network. We analyse the dangers that can come from the internet, as well as recommendations and implementation of solutions.

Do you want to guarantee the continuity of your business? We offer you a solution to protect you from any threat.

If you want to guarantee the cyber protection of your business and would like more information about cyber risk insurance, do not doubt to contact us:
CINC Insurance Brokers
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)
972 940 940 (Girona)



New electronic commerce system (One Stop Shop) - OSS SYSTEM

On July 1, Royal Decree-Law 7/2021, transposing directives of the European Union on competition, prevention of money laundering, credit institutions, telecommunications, tax measures, which, among other modifications, introduces important changes in VAT, especially in the treatment of distance sales of goods and services.

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