27 MAR 2023
On 14 March, a delegation from the Administrative and Planning Committee of the Hwaseong City Council (South Korea) visited the 22@ district. The committee, formed by eleven people (Vice-President and Commissioners of the committee) came to Barcelona on the occasion of an institutional visit with the 22@Network BCN association. Moreover, the visit aimed to understand how the 22@ district was created and developed to replicate it in Hwaseong.
Isabel Sabadí, director of 22@Network BCN, explained the evolution of the district and the different stages to become what the district is today. The attendees showed great interest in the practical part, for example, in the wastewater treatment installed near the forum or in the programme of thematic tours offered.


Barcelona promotes a global alliance to promote innovation districts

22@Network promotes a global alliance to promote innovation districts, under the name "Innovation District Alliance" and CINC is part of it as president of the association, led by Enric Urreta. 

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