Non-payment of rent insurance: rent your apartment or business premises with total peace of mind

Do you have an apartment or premises for rent? No landlord is exempt from risks when renting his property to a tenant. For this reason, the non-payment of rent insurance is designed to protect your rights as a landlord for your complete peace of mind, guaranteeing you the collection of the monthly payments from your tenant as well as offering you a wide coverage against any problem that may arise.

What is the coverage of the non-payment of rent insurance?

The insurance of non-payment of rent offers you a wide coverage that will allow you to rent your apartment or premises with total security and not to worry about your tenant:

Coverage of the unpaid monthly payments. Whatever happens, you will continue to receive the rent of your property, since the insurance company assumes the cost of the tenant's non-payments during the time of contracting.

Indemnity for vandalism. If the tenant has caused significant damage to your property, the insurance company's lawyers will send an expert to assess the extent of the damage and the company will assume the cost of the damage.

Telephone Legal Assistance. You will have at your disposal throughout the year a team of lawyers with unlimited consultations to solve any legal doubt.

Claim in repair or maintenance contracts. In case of breach of service contracts, repair or maintenance of facilities, the insurance company is responsible for defending your rights.

Recovery of monthly payments due to fire and explosion. In case of fire or explosion, the company covers your monthly payments during the time you cannot rent your property.

Coverage of the delinquent tenant's supply debts. For your total peace of mind, if your tenant has stopped paying the utilities, the insurance company will assume the payment of the debts.

Do you want more information?

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