New traffic law: what are the most important changes?

On Monday 21 March the new traffic law came into force. This new law includes more than 50 new features, including an increase in the number of points withdrawn to penalise drivers who engage in risky behaviour. Below is a summary and an infographic with the main measures.

What are the main penalty measures?

After these new stricter measures have been approved, can you imagine being stripped of more points than necessary and running the risk of losing your licence? 
At CINC Correduría de Seguros we offer you the Points Based Insurance so that you can drive without fear of losing your licence.

What does the Points Based Insurance cover?

  • Payment of a monthly subsidy and financial assistance in the event of renewal. In the event of temporary suspension of your licence or total loss of points, the insurance offers you a monthly subsidy to help you meet your financial commitments if you are unable to work or hire a driver to carry out your activity.  
  • Expenses for a course to recover all the points on your licence. The insurance covers you up to €500 for the course, including fees and medical examination.
  • Costs of a course for partial recovery of licence points. If you have had some points taken off your licence and you don't want to lose the rest, thanks to the insurance guarantee, the costs will be covered up to a maximum of 250 euros.
  • Legal assistance by telephone. A lawyer will advise you and resolve all your doubts over the phone.
  • Vehicle transfer and transport costs. In the event that the agents immobilise your vehicle, the insurance will send you a tow truck to protect it and you will also have a taxi service of up to 50 euros 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Appeal against the incorrect variation of points. If you have been deducted more points than you are entitled to, you will have the necessary legal support.
  • Fine alert service. If you have not been notified of a traffic offence and the amount has been seized from your bank account, thanks to the fine alert service, every time a traffic offence is published in an official gazette, the insurance policy will notify you to assess your options for appeal.

Do you want to know more about this insurance?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you of everything you need.
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