New grants for SMEs for trademark applications

Nowadays, protecting the intellectual property (IP) of your business is essential, as it is the only legal way to prevent your ideas, products or unique services to be copied or used without permission.
It’s because of that, that the  European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) along with the European commission created a grant scheme called The Ideas Powered for business SME Fund. This grant scheme is designed to help small and médium-sized enterprises (SMSs) intellectual property rights.

What do these grants consist of?

This initiative has the possibility to obtain two vouchers for an amount of 2,250€ per company. 
There is a first voucher of 1,500€ intended to use for trade marks and design fees and a second one for an amount of 750€ to use for patent fees.

Who can benefit for these grants?

These grants are addressed to small and médium-sized companies established in the European unión and can be applied not only by the owner, but for their employees or and authorised representative. 
These grants were already awarded the past year, but there are new features for 2022:
  • Introduction of the patents in the initiative.
  • Increase of the reimbursable percentage:
  1. Intellectual Property Diagnostics by 90%.
  2. Fees for trade mark and design applications at regional, national and EU level by 75%.
  3. Fees for trade mark and design applications outside the EU by 50%.
  4. Fees linked to national patents by 50%
  • Increase in the number of favourable rates for repayment.
  • Possibility to apply for grants at any time

¿Until when can it be applied?

The application period ends by the 16th of December of 2022.

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