New features to be included in the new LOPD

The new Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD), which has already been validated by Congress and is already in the process of approval in the Senate, will soon be approved. 
At this stage, we receive many questions from legal operators who are experts in this field about the scope of the new regulation, and about what implications it will have for natural and legal persons, now that we are still immersed in the adaptation of freelancers and companies to the European General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). 
In reality, the possibility of innovation of the LOPD is limited, since the RGPD has a higher normative hierarchy and, therefore, the Spanish law cannot contradict those community precepts. However, taking into account the RGPD itself, it has not just specified some issues and the States are referred to develop by law those provisions or principles that are left open in the European standard, we can say that the new LOPD will bring some novelties, of greater or lesser importance depending on our activity.
In summary, the following is a list of the main aspects that will represent an innovation or a legal development in the future LOPD, in the event that it finally leaves the Senate and is approved without any modification: 
For more information and to resolve any doubts regarding the latest news on these regulations, you can contact our Data Protection Department (rgpd@cinc. es).


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