Moves III Plan: incentives for efficient and sustainable mobility 2021

El Gobierno aprobó el pasado 13 de abril el Plan Moves III a través del Real Decreto 266/202. Se trata de unas subvenciones dirigidas tanto a particulares como empresas para promover la compra de vehículos eléctricos y la instalación de infraestructura de recarga, con el fin de fomentar la movilidad sostenible. El programa está dotado inicialmente de un presupuesto máximo de 400 millones de euros, y el plazo finalizará cuando se agote el presupuesto o, como máximo, el 31 de diciembre 2023.

Who can apply for these grants?

Individuals, self-employed, communities of owners or administrations without economic activity that have purchased a vehicle included in the programme or have installed a recharging point since 10 April.

For legal entities and the rest of the administrations, the validity of the grants starts from the date of publication in the DOGC (Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia)

What are the requirements?

Acquisition of electric and fuel cell vehicles, direct purchase or through financial leasing or renting.
  • The dealer will have to make an offer with a discount of €1,000, indicating unequivocally that it is for the Moves III Programme and that it will have to include the application of VAT, conditional on the fact that it receives this aid.
  • Passenger cars (M1), vans (N1) and motorbikes (L) must be new and registered for the first time in Spain, except for leasing vehicles.
  • In the case of point-of-sale demonstration vehicles, they must be a maximum of 9 months old from the date of first registration and either the date of the aid application or the date of the invoice (whichever is the earlier). In addition, a dealer or sales outlet may apply for aid for a maximum of 30 vehicles.
  • Therefore, the dealer is required to ensure that, including the vehicle he is interested in, the dealer has not marketed more than 30 electric vehicles under these conditions and have applied for MOVES III support.
  • The maximum cost of the passenger car vehicles is €45,000.
  • The subsidy for the purchase of a plug-in hybrid car with more than 90 kilometres of autonomy in electric mode is €4,500, and rises to €7,000 if the scrapping of the vehicle is also accredited.
You can access the list of subsidised vehicles here.
Implementation of vehicle recharging points infrastructure
The overhead infrastructure may be used for the following purposes:
  • Private use in residential sector, including single-family homes.
  • Public use in the non-residential sector (public flats, hotels, etc.).
  • Private use in parking areas of private and public companies (own fleet).
  • Public use in parking areas of private and public companies (employees and customers).
  • Public use on public roads, those urban and interurban roads.
  • Public use on the road network, with special interest in recharging infrastructure at service stations and petrol stations.
In the case of homeowners'associations, the channelling for the pre-installation and communications service (Internet, 3G,…) for a smart recharge will be eligible for subsidy.
If the subsidised expenditure exceeds the amount of 15,000 euros (VAT excluded) in the case of supply or 40,000 in the case of works, a minimum of 3 bids from different suppliers must be submitted.

What is the amount?

Individuals and the self-employed can benefit from grants ranging from 1,100 euros (for electric motorbikes) to 9,000 euros (for electric vans with scrapping of another vehicle).
For legal persons and entities with economic activity, the amounts range from 700 euros to 5,000 euros.


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