Looking for a training room? At CINC you will find spaces perfectly equipped to organize courses

The last quarter of the year is a good time for training: in addition to coinciding with the start of the new school year, many companies take advantage of the opportunity to exhaust bonus training credits and offer training to their employees.
If you are looking for a space to organize courses, CINC offers you training rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and adapted to your needs:

Perfectly equipped and soundproofed rooms

All our rooms have excellent acoustics and thanks to an innovative insulation system are perfectly soundproofed, in addition to having independent air conditioning, Wifi Internet connection and projection equipment.
You can also choose the layout of the room furniture according to your preferences (school format, U-shaped table, theatre, etc. ), and we take care of every detail so that nothing is missing from your training:
– Water, notebooks and pens for each participant.
– Flipchart paper
– Microphones
– Signage in the lobby of the building

Touch screen: the latest technology in your formations

We offer an 86" touch screen, with which you can easily project interactive presentations in high definition from any computer.
The screen is based on 'multitouch' technology, which allows you to navigate with it in a tactile way, so you can pass the slides of the presentation directly or use it as a whiteboard.

We offer you the possibility of hiring additional services

Is there anything else you need? At CINC we offer you additional services to help you make your training a success:
– Audiovisuals
– Catering service
– Dissemination of the course
– Copying

Ask us for an estimate without obligation!

933 030 060 (CINC Barcelona) 
972 940 940 (CINC Girona)


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