Legal defence against illegal occupation

Are you worried about the idea that your habitual residence or second home could be occupied? Don't worry, at CINC Insurance Brokers*, we offer you our services to contract an insurance policy with all the necessary legal coverage in case this happens. 

What services does this insurance guarantee?

Claim for occupied property: We claim on your behalf in the event of occupation of the property.
Claim for damages: We claim for all possible damages that your property may have suffered while it was occupied. 
Lawyers always at your disposal: We have lawyers who will advise you on the steps you need to take if your property is occupied.
Management of municipal administrative matters: We take care of administrative matters, such as, for example, by-laws that have to be managed with the town council of your municipality.

Basic guarantees

  • Legal assistance by telephone
  • Claim for illegal occupation of the property. 
  • Claim for the effective recovery of the property.
  • Claim for damages caused to the property. Minimum claim: 150 €. 

Optional guarantees

  • Defence of municipal administrative matters.
  • Expenses arising from the occupation of the property (three months of grace period).
  • Costs of cleaning the property (three-month grace period).

Combination of guarantees (2023 rates) for each insured home

  • Basic guarantees: Premium: 22,56 €. 
  • Basic guarantees + municipal expenses: Premium: 32.17 €.
  • Basic guarantees + municipal and cleaning costs: Premium: 33,42 €.
  • Basic guarantees + municipal expenses + occupancy costs: Premium: 38,44 €.
  • Full guarantees: Premium: 39,71 €.
*Mediation service offered by Cinc Empordà Corredoria d'Assegurances S.L., registration number DGPFAT J173GC.
If you are looking for more information, don't hesitate to contact us!
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)
972 940 940 (Girona)
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