Internationalisation Grants: Implementation of the International eTrade Programme

Deadline for applications

From 06-09-2022 to 11-10-2022.


Small and medium-sized enterprises with an operational establishment in Catalonia that meet the following requirements:
– Minimum turnover of 100,000.00 euros in the last closed financial year.
– Have a company website in a foreign language.
– Have an international promotion plan (hereinafter IPP) in application from 2020 and 2021 according to the model available on the ACCIÓ website (

Eligible actions

External services:
Web development and/or e-commerce and creation of international content:
– Expenditure on programming and design of websites with an international scope.
– Expenses for the creation of internationally oriented content for the website, such as texts, photographic sessions, infographics, animations or videos.
Development of digital marketing plan actions and international advertising campaigns to improve brand positioning:
– Expenses derived from the development of international marketing actions in digital channels such as the development of landing pages for campaigns, optimisation of international positioning in search engines, development of content for a blog, management of communication in social networks, marketing actions via email.
– Advertising costs on digital channels such as social media campaigns, sponsored search engine optimisation or banner campaigns on international websites.
– Expenses of agencies or specialists in communication and digital marketing to advise and develop digital marketing actions in international markets.
Participation in electronic marketplaces and international digital directories:
– Fees for registration and permanence in electronic marketplaces and international online directories.
– Costs of advertising campaigns carried out in international e-marketplaces and online directories.
– Costs of specialised agencies, integrators or management platforms for international e-marketplaces.
Development and/or integration of digital tools for the optimisation of international business:
– Expenditure on the development and/or integration of digital tools for the optimisation of international business.
Intangible assets:
Acquisition of digital tools for the optimisation of international business: Expenses derived from the contracting, purchase of business intelligence and management software with international clients.
-The subsidised actions may be carried out between the date of publication of the call and up to 18 months from the closing date of the call. There is no possibility to apply for an extension of this period.
– The projects must have a minimum requested expenditure of 10,000.00 euros.


It will be a maximum of 50% of the accepted eligible expenditure of the project, with a maximum of 12,000.00 euros.

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