Increase in personal travel expenses exempt from personal income tax for the self-employed and workers

The Official State Gazette has published an Order raising from 0.19 euros to 0.26 euros the amount of the daily allowances and allowances for travel expenses for the self-employed and workers, which can be deducted in the income tax return. This measure, which represents an increase of 7 cents, especially benefits workers who have to travel with their own vehicle. 
As long as the journeys are duly justified, as well as the toll and parking costs, self-employed and workers will be able to benefit from this increase. However, although this measure is important, it is considered that there are other expenses associated with these journeys that are not being taken into account, such as, for example, meal vouchers, which should also be updated. 
In recent months, the price of fuel has risen considerably. Undoubtedly, hauliers, together with the self-employed, have suffered the consequences closely, as this fact was not taken into account in the IRPF withholding. 
For more information on this new measure, please contact the CINC Tax Department:
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)
New incentives for employment hiring: the most important changes in force since 1 September
On 1 September, a series of measures came into force to encourage the hiring of labour published in Royal Decree-Law 1/2023 on 11 January 2023. These changes entail new obligations for companies as, among others, new requirements are introduced that must be met in order to benefit from these bonuses.

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