Hire your private office now and don’t pay until September

From this July, as a new client, CINC offers you the opportunity to contract your new private office now and not pay until September*.
In addition, you can also benefit from all our services during the summer:
  • Equipped workspaces of different capacities 
  • Company domiciliation 
  • Reception of mail and parcels from 8-20h every working day 
  • Reception and personalised attention to calls 
  • Use of meeting rooms

Do you want to know more? Come and we will inform you

If you are looking for a workspace and want to take advantage of this opportunity, contact us for more information and conditions:
933 030 060 (CINC Barcelona) 
972 940 940 (CINC Girona)
*Offer valid for new hires made before 4 August.
Come and see our corporate and flexible workspaces that adapt to your needs.
Flexible workspaces are playing an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining talent in companies. If there is one thing that characterises the facilities at CINC Business Centre, it is their great versatility. We know this very well as we have been offering the necessary flexibility for more than a decade so that you can customise our spaces to suit your needs.


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