Green office environments: why they matter and how they can improve your quality of life

The routine and the day-to-day routine of the office sometimes makes us forget to look for small moments of disconnection. For this reason, more and more companies are opting for wellness policies for the benefit of their employees, and are taking more and more into account the presence of green spaces in the office environment as another element to retain talent.
Far from being a fad, numerous studies have shown that they significantly reduce stress and increase productivity. Large technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft know this well, and have incorporated large spaces with trees and plants next to their headquarters to promote the wellbeing of their employees.
Working in an office located near a green space is a good way to promote wellbeing, by having an outdoor area outside of work where you can disconnect, either by taking a walk or carrying out activities such as playing sports, reading or having a picnic. Moreover, if the outdoors is important, it has also been proven that having plants in the workplace considerably reduces stress.

Learn about the 4 advantages of having green spaces near offices:

1. Improve concentration and productivity
Having green spaces in the office helps to increase productivity by 15% and retain talent. This is demonstrated by a study by Cardiff University, which analysed the impact on productivity of an office without access to green space compared to one with access to green space. The result: workers in green offices performed 15% better than those without any greenery in their workplace.
2. Reduce stress and improve mood
The anti-stress effect of natural environments is so powerful that the simple fact of having plants in the office already produces significant changes. One example is research carried out at the University of Hyogo (Japan), which analysed changes in the stress of 63 workers before and after placing a plant on the desk. The results showed the calming effects of intentionally looking at plants and taking care of them.
3. Encourage creativity and problem solving
Going for a walk outside the office surrounded by nature takes us out of our comfort zone and allows us to be more attentive to our surroundings, such as the sound of birds or the sound of tree leaves rustling in the wind. This happens because our minds are more open, which encourages our creativity and helps us to be more problem-solving. Have you ever thought of organising a team building or informal meeting in the open air, taking a walk? It could be a good idea to motivate employees and stimulate creative thinking.
4. Benefit the immune system and general health
Exposure to nature has been shown to provide mental health benefits, with lower levels of stress and anxiety and improvements in overall psychological well-being observed. They are also associated with increased longevity and reduced risk of mental and cardiovascular disease. In fact, the WHO recommends access to green spaces within 300 metres as the crow flies from every home.

CINC: natural environment

At CINC, we have two large green areas next to our facilities:
Next to CINC Barcelona 22@ we find Diagonal Mar Park, the second largest park in Barcelona. It is a modern and original green space, which is, at the same time, a refuge of biodiversity, with 135,000 square metres of nature next to the sea.
Next to CINC Girona you can enjoy the Devesa Park, the city's green lung and the largest urban park in Catalonia, with more than 2,500 hundred-year-old trees and 40 hectares of nature and tranquillity.

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